Welcome To ACME

Welcome to ACME’s website. We are a group of modeling enthusiasts sharing a common passion for building scale model cars whether they are classics, street rods, hot rods, NASCAR, drag racing, road racing, you name it, if it has  wheels someone in the club builds it. Our mission includes promoting the hobby of model car building through teaching, encouragement, and fellowship with respect to all skill levels.

ACME started in the mid 1980’s with a group of modelers originally calling themselves the GMCA (Georgia Model Car Association) and later became The Model Squad when they became an IPMS chapter. They met once a month to share building techniques, discuss new releases and rumors, bench race, and in general have a good time.

The tradition continues within ACME and we’ve grown and now host the NNL Southern Nationals, one of the premier modeling events in the country. Held every November since 1996, the NNL Southern Nationals attracts many contestants and many of the best   vendors serving our hobby. We invite you to join us on the first Sunday of every month at the Smyrna Community Center, Second Floor.
Be sure to check back often for additional information.