ACME August 2015 Club Meeting

Just 3 weeks shy of our July meeting, our August meeting was very well attended with a great turnout of people and models on display. After discussing business we had show & tell, and a demo on kitbashing. We had a surprise guest in attendance, none other than Dean Milano from Chicago, IL, visiting Smyrna to purchase a model collection. Dean brought his Corvair Rampside model and magazines that covered it, it’s still an amazing model after all these years, and it was based on a VW Vangon, which happened to be part of our kitbashing demo by coincidence. Enjoy a few photos from the meeting, and look forward to our next meeting in September on the 13th.

IMG_6032 IMG_6037 IMG_6038 IMG_6039 IMG_6048 IMG_6050 IMG_6056 IMG_6059 IMG_6073 IMG_6075 IMG_6076 IMG_6080

2015 ACME NNL Southern Nationals Web Theme: Mustangs

2015 is the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang. To celebrate the occasion ACME’s web theme for 2015 is “Mustangs”. Build a model of any Mustang to celebrate! A group of ACME members have been involved in building 2015 Mustangs from Revell’s simple but attractive Build ‘N Play 2015 Mustang GT. A fun kit that’s easy to finish and modify.IMG_4419






June Club Meeting

Summer meetings have fewer members attending, but we had a great turnout in June. We discussed the recent GSL show in Salt Lake City that several ACME members attended, and had a brief seminar on paint finishes for model car bodies. The group build ’62 Corvette was shown prepped for paint; at the next meeting it will be painted and cleared and we will have a demo on polishing it out. Our next meeting will be July 12th, moved a week due to the July 4th holiday. Check out the link for the galleries, there are photos there from the June meeting. Look for more updates to the website shortly!








Upcoming April 12th “Spring Cleaning” Club Meeting

Our monthly club meeting will be moved from April 5th to April 12th, due to the Easter holiday. This is the annual “Spring Cleaning” event where you bring model cars, parts, similar items of interest, that you no longer want or need, and give them away to others. It’s a big, free swap meet. Some good items get donated, and in order to keep a free-for-all from happening, we will have people bring the items, put them down, then leave the area. Random drawings per table will allow orderly access, before opening the area to all attendees. It’s a great way to get rid of excess model stuff!

March 2015 Club Meeting

This coming Sunday is our March club meeting, 2:30 PM at the Smyrna Community Center. We’ll have our usual show & tell and door prizes; please consider donating a door prize.

Eric Cole will be presenting a demo on parts preparation; this year we’ll have a model that we use for each of the demos, so you can see the progress.

Also, check the links to the left, where you can find all the show information we have presently.

June Club Meeting

Sorry for the delay, we had a great June meeting with the biggest show & tell display ever! Lots of great projects both finished and in-progress were on display.


June means LeMans to a number of ACME members, and next at next Month’s meeting you’ll get to see the models that were finished during the race!


A number of ACME members were present at the IPMS show at the Lockheed Union Hall and brought home quite a bit of hardware! Congrats to all, it’s a fun show with a lot of great models on display. Eric Cole managed to do something that is almost unheard of, he won Best In Show with his large-scale Trumpeter Ford GT40 Mk II! That’s an accomplishment of a lifetime to be proud of.



The models above are both 1/24 scale!

Our July meeting will be moved back a week to the 13th, due to our normal meeting falling on a holiday weekend.

ACME May ’14 Meeting Report

Another great meeting this month, thanks to Pico Elgin and Robert Sienko for putting on the decal making demo.

Here are a few photos from the meeting:





ACME May 2014 Meeting Announcement

Greetings ACME members,

It is May and it is meeting time in Smyrna, Georgia once again. April sure has been a fun month. Club members have been to several events throughout the nation, both real cars as well as models. A vanload of ACME members made the long trip to the NNL East, yes the NNL East, the largest model car show in the nation and perhaps the globe.

Lots of vendors were at the show, from plastic resellers to the Model King. Several aftermarket vendors were also in the house. Norm Veber of Replicas & Miniatures, Don & Carol Holthaus of Modelhaus had people lined up all day. Even the kit manufacturers were also present with new product to see. Ed Sexton of Revell had test shots of the 67 Camaro, Ford Raptor, ’57 Chevy convertible and the LaFerrari to the delight of many. The folks from Moebius had several new kits also. Be on the lookout for late ’60’s – early 70’s Ford F-150’s and a pair of ’54 Hudsons, as well as a ’65 Plymouth. It won’t be long before we see test shots of their ’61 Ventura and Catalina and their ’65 Comet. Lots of cool whispers of what might be in the wind in the future. Stay tuned. We saw many old familiar faces who have promised to travel south to come see us at our “Little Show”. There were over 1000 models on display, with huge participation in the “Mustang” and “Wagons” themes, as well as the commercial and factory stock categories. It was sensory overload! The long-distance award winner was Jean-Jacques Lillette all the way from Paris, France.

Several folks made the trip to Road Atlanta this past weekend as well to take in the Walter Mitty. The weather was perfect for this event. Several interesting race cars were seen. Porsches, Lolas and even a few old NASCARs were driven hard through the hills of north Georgia. Others went to the 1st Summit Motorama at AMS.

On the model show front next weekend on May 10th IPMS Atlanta will be having their 2nd annual model show at the Lockheed Union Hall on the 120 loop, same location as last year. This is a well-run IPMS show, with the promise of more emphasis on fun vs. rivet counting. Always a good time. Also in the month of May on the 17th the SCMA folks will be having their annual show in Simpsonville. At least one of our members will be vending at this show, and others will be attending. It is worth the trip. I will be at graduation, so I will not be there, bummer!!

Model Cars magazine as well as Scale Auto have great issues hitting the mailbox as we speak. So be on
the lookout for them. Since it is the 1st Sunday and the weather is supposed to be nice, Caffeine and Octane should be Off the Hook!!!! Go early if you want to park close. The place will be packed!!! If you want to hit another show Sunday before ACME, the British Motorcar Day will be from 10 AM to 2:30 PM in the Roswell City Hall parking lot off of Hill St. If that isn’t enough, the Road Runner cruise in is on Sunday morning from 8-10 AM at Lifetime Fitness on Hwy. 92 in Roswell, to get your fill of oldies. This coming Saturday you can see the annual Buick, Olds, Pontiac, Cadillac show at the Marriott Northwest.

Okay gang, we will be having our meeting at 2:30 at the community of Smyrna. I look forward to seeing you there. We’ll have a demo on decals and the use of Bare Metal Foil by both Pico and Bob Sienko. Bring a current project or a finished one for Show and Tell.

I’m your Prez,
Henry Trent

ACME’s Spring Cleaning A Big Success!!

We had a great meeting yesterday, and lots of stuff was given away. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. Lots of good stuff to be had by all. Next month our demo will be on decals and bare metal foil.

We did have a brief show & tell before the event:


We drew a raffle for first pick from the piles of stuff:


Soon it was a free-for-all. It all found new homes!